New Hardware

This post isn't going to be about any one of my projects, or programming at all, its about something I recently purchased. On Wednesday, I picked up a new piece of hardware, namely a 2010 Mazda 3 sport... :)  It was my first time buying a new vehicle, and it was quite the experience.

In April, I got some bad news and found out my old faithful jeep, the one vehicle that took me 3000 km from Alberta to Ontario, was dying.  The transmission was dying and had very few kms left in it.  So after recovering from the bad news, I had a good idea that the Mazda 3 was the car I was probably going to buy.  However, even though I was pretty sure I wanted the Mazda, I test drove a Lancer Sportback and a couple of weeks ago I decided to head down to the closest VW dealership to take a look at a City Jetta.  After an hour bus ride I get to the dealership and find out they had no City Jettas left with the features I was looking for.  Not wanting my trip to be for nothing, I walked next door to the Mazda dealership.  Once I walked in, I was quickly approached by a salesman.  

Now, imagine the stereotypical car salesman, and multiply that by 1000.  This guy was dressed to impress with gold chains and fancy shades, talked a million miles an hour, and pulled every trick in the book.  Had me sit in the car, told me 'this is the car for you my man..' told me how fast they were going off the lot, and to seal the deal, he offered to take my jeep off my hands.  Oddly enough, I really appreciated the effort and the fact that he worked to sell the car.  I took a week to think it over, and decided I was going back to this guy and buying the car.

After the handshakes and high fives, two days later the financing is approved and in a few more days my new car is ready for pick up.  I was excited, but nervous.  Nervous because I had to get my jeep from my apartment building to the dealership.  I rub my lucky Buddha statue and hop into the jeep, and head off.  The jeep was driving fine, until I was about 15 minutes away from the dealership.  Then, it started acting up and wouldn't shift out of first gear.  It was a momentary hiccup, and I knew I was close.  I gritted my teeth, trucked on, and finally made it.  I roll in, park the jeep, sign the final papers, and the car is mine!   Just as I was pulling away, the salesman pulls up in my old jeep, rolls down the window, extends his fist, and BAM! Fist Bump.  Windows go up, and we both go our separate ways...

2 comments on New Hardware

  1. Anonymous
    Sat, 09/26/2009 - 06:53

    Haha cool!
    /sent by John Connor

  2. Anonymous
    Sat, 09/26/2009 - 00:12

    nice nice.. i'm reading you blog as i'm waiting for the upgrade to complete.