Yet Another New Project - Best Of CBC

One of the ways I like to start my morning is to read up on news from Canada and around the world.  I usually do this by visiting the website of the CBC.  To keep up with all the web 2.0 coolness, the CBC allows for comments on most of its news stories.  On almost every article, I come across a comment that either makes me laugh or wonder what the heck the person was thinking.

Nearly everytime I come across one of these comments, I copy it and send it to a friend of mine via MSN.  One day I was thinking, why don't I capture these on a permanent medium?  I now present to to you my new project that does just that: BestOfCBC.

To submit a comment, install the firefox extension, activate it (via clicking its entry in the Tools menu or by customizing your toolbar to contain the extension's action and then clicking the button), and then click on the text of your comment you want to submit.  If all goes well, you will get an alert notifiying the submission was successful.

The site is build on django and is currently in a basic beta/prototype state.  One think I think would be cool would be to post the submissions to a twitter feed as well as the site.  I'm also trying to think of a way that comments can be sent in without having to use the extension.  The firefox extension also is beta/protype and probably (well definitely!) has a few bugs.  The extension is for Firefox 3.x and firefox may also initially stop you from doing the install.  Don't worry, you can ignore that, the extension is not malicous, I promise!

Anyways, like always check it out, and feedback is always appreciated.