About Me

Hello out there, my name is Nathan Stehr.

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, I now make my home in Ottawa where I work as software designer.

I enjoy experimenting and tinkering with all kinds of programming and technology from scripting with groovy and python, to playing around with Phidgets and hardware hacks to hacking my ipod to run linux, or my wii to run homebrew. One of my favourite things to do is dream up random ideas and spending hours trying to make them possible.

On the academic side of things I am interested in HCI research, specifically groupware,online collaboration, and computer supported collaborative work.  I also am quite interested in data visualizations.

I have a few hobbies outside of computers and technology, I like downhill skiing, mountain biking, running, playing a wide array sports with my friends and am currently in the process of learning to play acoustic guitar.

Contact me at: nstehr [at] gmail dot com or @laserdeathstehr on Twitter