My Experience With The App Store

If you have been following iphone app development or following tech in general, you've probably seen your fair share of blogs complaining about a very poor experience with the App Store. There are even some developers stopping development for the platform all together.  My first app was recently accepted, so I thought I would share my positive experience with the App Store.  

I first submitted my app on December 31.  The process to get it up there involved more than a few steps, especially the process of ensuring my code was signed with the distribution certificate.  To aid with the whole process, Apple provides a very straightforward and detailed set of instructions.  Once my app was uploaded, the waiting process begins.  Two days later (On a Saturday evening even!) I get an email indicating my app was rejected. :(  Turns out some third party code I was using made use of a private/unpublished API, which is a big no-no.  Again, to make things easier, Apple pointed out to me which private API I was using.  I then patched the third party code and re-submitted my app.

Again, after a two day wait, my app enters the "In Review" phase.  Every now and then I checked the status of the app, and after a few hours I assumed it had passed the automated code analysis part of the review process.  This was confirmed when I checked my server logs and noticed that someone from Apple had downloaded the Mac portion of my app.  I was pretty excited once I saw that!  The next day, just after lunch, I get the email from Apple that my app was accepted and available on iTunes!  I was fairly confident in my app, but it was a relief to know that it worked and was accepted.

Overall, I was very impressed with the whole process.  It went very quick and the Apple documentation and the emails they sent me were both very helpful and very useful.  I was nervous after hearing all the horror stories and I was very happy that my experience was completely opposite.  

 I'm looking forward to trying this whole thing again.  I found developing for the platform to be very fun and this positive submittal experience was the icing on the cake.  All I have to do now is come up with my next idea.  If you have an idea we can collaborate on let me know, and we can see if we can make it happen! :)

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