Twitter Burst

I've been toiling away in the laserdeathstehr labs and have come up with another little project.  This one is called TwitterBurst.  It is a realtime visualization of the activity on twitter. You can see a video of it here:  And the source for the project is at
TwitterBurst visualizes tweets coming in as 'bursts' of particles. Retweets are blue, at replies are red, and the rest of the tweets are green.  
The app is powered by a few different technologies.  The main part, the visualization, is written in processing.js and is based on the example from:
The server is a very simple app, powered by Sinatra.
The data is supplied by Twitter's streaming API, and I am accessing it
using the python library, TweetStream. Its all linked together using
the key value store, Redis. When a tweet comes in, it is categorized and written
to the Redis store. Then when the visualization makes a request for more
data, the web app looks into the store, grabs the data, and serializes it as json
and passes it on.

Since it is all based on javascript and html, I'm considering launching this live, so anyone can go to the site and view this visualization.  I've also been playing around with visualizing the trends.  I have tried rotating through the top trends and visualizing each of them for a set number of times.  This seems to work for the most part, but every now and then, the process retrieving the tweets locks up.  Finally, I'm going to try playing around with the colour scheme.
Like always, feel free to leave any comments or feedback!


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  1. Anonymous
    Sun, 04/11/2010 - 17:22

    Reminds me of childhood 4th of July fireworks.
    Btw, this rich text box isn't very mobile Safari friendly...